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Textile Oil


Textile Oil


Knitting is an intricate process through which consecutive loops or stitches are formed to turn yarn into fabrics.

The need for knitting oil(lubricating oil)

The Needle and sinker form an integral part of a circular knitting machine; these frictional partners (needle and sinkers) are continuously exposed to severe stresses, which is the reason why a special lubricating film becomes mandatory for the smooth functioning of knitting machines.

This lubrication oil film also helps to prevent rusting and minimize wear of machine components.

We at DANA ensure that we manufacture and supply high-quality knitting oil, that complies with all the international quality and safety standards and with a large supply base

Selection of the perfect knitting oil

  1.       The lubricating oil should be able to form a strong thin film to withstand high-speed movement of the needle and sinker to ensure an extended life of two frictional partners.
  2.       The oil should be able to provide consistent performance for a variety of friction coefficients over extended periods.
  3.       It should not form any sort of residue as it could hamper the speed sliding movement.
  4.       The lubricating oil should have good oxidation stability to make certain that the machine suffers minimal wear during machine startup.
  5.       The oil should be chemically inert so that it does not react with a plastic tube or machine paint even if it is in contact for extended time periods

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